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Monster House Thou Art Dead
"Thou art dead! *cackling*"
— The game itself

Thou Art Dead is the video game that is played by Skull, in the 2006 computer animated film, Monster House.

It is playable as a bonus game in the Monster House video game.


The game is always played by its champion, Skull. Chowder mentions he once played the game for four days straight, on one quarter, a gallon of chocolate milk and an adult diaper. DJ insists Skull's a legend, but Jenny barges to interrupt him while he was playing.

Monster House Thou Art Dead Gameplay

In the game, the fair Princess has been taken by the dragon, and the hero of the game must retrieve her. It won't be easy since he has to fight enemies along the way, including skeleton warriors, cyclopes, two-headed trolls, and a lot more.

Thou Art Dead becomes a playable game in the Monster House video game. By finding tokens in the house, you can use them to play Thou Art Dead. It's also a playable game on the Monster House website, by choosing the Mega-Sweet Arcade Game, it takes you right to Thou Art Dead. Thou Art Dead can also be found as a playable game in the Game Boy Advance version of the game, by finding the ruby key and using it to unlock the ruby door, you will find the Thou Art Dead Arcade Game in the next room, and by winning the game, you unlock the door to a secret passage way. There, you will find the Doom Bringer 3000 Water Gun, a water gun that had to stop its production because kids got injured by its almighty stream! With this kind of firepower, DJ can throw away all other gun upgrades.